About the Vukovich Racing Legacy web site

About the Vukovich Racing Legacy web site:

For many years motor racing historians and fans of Bill Vukovich, Sr. have enjoyed the information and research that was compiled and provided to the public by Mr. George “Rex” Dean through his web site www.vukovichaccident.com.  Rex had an intense and deep interest in the Indianapolis 500 Mile-Race since the 1950’s when he became enthralled by the human and mechanical drama that unfolds each May.  Bill Vukovich, Sr. is revered by many of the post-war generation and labeled by scores of railbirds as the greatest among the over 700 drivers that participated in The 500.

The circumstances of the accident that took Vukovich’s life captured Rex’s imagination and led to a lifelong fascination with every aspect of the Indianapolis “500”. He attended many races through the years and while in Indianapolis during the Month of May researched every imaginable aspect of the track itself, the race and particularly the Vukovich accident.  Because this was such a significant event and because there were so many conflicting versions of what happened that day, Rex set out to compile the most accurate report as possible for historians and race fans who may study the history of the Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race in the future.

Rex was educated and worked for many years in motion picture and television production and distribution and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about all phases of motion picture film including shooting, editing and projection. He also worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist for daily and weekly newspapers.  Skilled in the computer enhancement of photographs, he has spent years researching additional projects of a complex nature. In putting together this original report, he utilized to the maximum his combined skills and knowledge in all of these fields.

George Rex Dean passed away in Roseville, California at age 67 in July 2011 after a long and courageous battle with lymphoma. There is a memorial fund to help with the uncovered medical expenses.  To make a contribution you can make checks payable to NTAF Southwest Stem Cell Transplant fund, but please in the memo section write in memory of George Rex Dean. Mail to NTAF 150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120 Radnor PA 19087.  For secure credit card donations call 1-800-642-8399 or visit www.ntafund.org and enter George Dean in the find a patient box.

With the permission of Rex Dean’s wife Rebecca, the information from the original web site is being incorporated into an expanded resource focusing upon the “Vukovich Racing Legacy”, including the accomplishments of Bill Vukovich, Sr., brother Eli Vukovich, son Bill Vukovich, Jr., and grandson Billy Vukovich, III.  We look forward to documenting and celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of these “racers” and sharing them with you.  Please bear with us as we construct the site.

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